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Our YART Yamaha YZF-R 1 from Le Mans 24Hrs is today at the Abarth exhibition at Abarth Autohaus Damisch GmbH in Graz

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Yamaha Austria Racing putzen hättet ihr sie schon können 😜


Jolie photo

Ralf Zimmer 😉

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6 days ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

the day after.... Have a good day YART and Yamaha fans ... See MoreSee Less

the day after.... Have a good day YART and Yamaha fans

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Congratulations, Mandy Kainz, for this great achievement!!! And of course, congratulation to the riders of the YART, Broc, Max, Marvin and Nozane-san!!!!

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Congratulations to all,it sounds like it was tough but well done. 8 hours will be a breeze compared to 24 stay safe👍🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

Amazing, Just Amazing ! What a race! Thanks for the show, keep on fitghing , succes is close to you.

Well done Broc great job to yoy and the other riders and crew.

Bravo!!! 🙂

7 days ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

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Gratuliere recht Herzlich !! Weltklasse Auftritt ! Leider hat die Franzosen Mafia zugeschlagen, sonst hätt das ganze noch besser ausgeschaut!! Alles Gute aus der Heimat!

I was cheering for YART and was hoping that YART will win the race. But eventually somehow Kohta was not up to the expectations. I think Kohta is responsibled for the YART to finished 2nd. The YART factory R1 was faultless and was 28 second in front of GMT94 untill the 22 hour mark ,Kohta was overtaken. I think Kohta need to do some explanation to the team. Cheering for Yamaha since 1978.

Congratulations!! I was really excited to see yart 1st so long time✨the position changed but so happy with the results! want to say congrats to everyone!😆😁😄😉😆😍

Amazing job you all should be very proud team YART . We are very proud of you Broc amazing job !

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!! Echt eine tolle Leistung und super Teamwork👍👍👍

Glückwunsch zum 2en Platz Toll gekämpft Leider hat wieder die Frenchconnektion zu geschlagen Trotzdem ein toller Erfolg .

After of so much time outside of international scene I am so happy of Nozane ^_^ <3 Well done YART ^_^

Glueckwunsch,super yart,weiter so....zeigt den Franzosen wo der Hammer haengt.

Herzlichen Glückwunsch!! Geile Leistung ihr seid ein super Team

really really goooood job .. #udidit #weare1 ✊✊🏆🏁😎😎 proud of my #yartfamily

Well done TEAM/ FAMILY

Boom 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼amazing job team ❤️

Congratulations to all!


wunderbar, gratuliere zu diesem tollen Rennen!

congratulations! YART!

يسـعدك ردي مـقرب❤ 💓 💓

Great Job Boys congrats to the holl Team 😃

Yeah!!! Congratulations guys. Well done


Gratulation 😎👍🏻

gewaltige Leistung, weiter so. Respekt

Congratzzzz mandy and team!!

Congratulations guys! 👍


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Thanks for the excellent info !!!!! Hope they can make it 👍👍👍


First Gerhard!

A good Job

señor piloto

Good work guys

Live from Eurosport ✌🏻

Yamaha 👍👍👍👍👍👍



Bom dia ...

What's the position in the moment?

Yamaha is the best

Honda❤️ Yamaha👎



Go yamaha!!


Komo kedaa

Viel Erfolg 👍🏼🍀


om telolet om....;

Good morning



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1 week ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

Many thanks for the great job guys ! ... See MoreSee Less

Many thanks for the great job guys !

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#keepfighting for the victory! Not easy in lemans against french team but you will win this amazing race!!! ✊️

Tolles Rennen !!! Knapp am Sieg vorbei , könnt dennoch stolz sein , sowas erreicht man ja nicht einfach so 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😉

Go yart go 💪💪💪💪💪💪

Still 1hr 52 mins to go Cheryl Beneke

<3 YAMAHA <3

What is the result

WOW what a long race 😳

How did they go Vicki Bull Parkes ??

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Goodmorning from Le Mans 24 race ! The Yamaha number 7 continue in the front.

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super....weiter so

Bring it home team


Take it home,great.....


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At 6am we continue the long road on the first place

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Bring it home in first team good luck

I got one

Well done all the YART team family!!

<3 YAMAHA <3

Great job boys (y) (y)

Good onya boys!!

Great job

KOUTA GO GO GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Good luck Mandy and team!

✊🏻👍🏼Yami power🚀🚀






Buena suerte .....!!!!!!🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷🇦🇷

Bring it home Yamaha

Missing the "family"

A si ti Miha tist,k ga nakonc porineš?

Ihr seit's da absolute Hammer👍👍👍👏👏👏💪💪💪

Semngatt TIM YAMAHA..

24 hours from lemans. 😍🕝☑🔩🔧🔨📋🏁

Que hermoso sonido de las yamaha!!

Go R1 👍🏁


Semakin di depan pkoe.

Wow team..

Come on boys


Ivano Genca va che roba!

Graeme R Carter

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Everyone is activating on the bike!

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Drücke für Euch alle Daumen,diesmal müsst Ihr gewinnen, wünsche viel Glück...


Me too 🙂

1 week ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

... See MoreSee Less

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Matteo Ruo Rui

After 8 hours we continue to fight in the front

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Josiah Sheeran thought of you and Lizzy. Hopefully Trevor and I will get bikes someday and start tracking together. Epic shots!

Ruatfela Ve Maimai enteh bruh, a nalh hlom thlooottt ani

@Fran Pérez a las 23 vuelven en directo por eurosport 😍

Keep the hammer down guys! Awesome!



Weiter so 🙂

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Before the night we continue to lead the race...

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KOHTA GO GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Amazing start for Broc Parkes !

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All the best!

Oben bleiben 😀

yart ,keep pushing,it's time to win

Killian Chéron

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nice motobikes

Yay.... Goooooo Broc

Good luck team

Ohne Max ist es für mich uninteressant


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Thomas à gauche et moi a droite... lol mais je me fais pas de soucis le copain va s'améliorer avec les roulages. Par contre j'aimerai vraiment ressemble à celui de droite j'en suis loin encore lol

Faut il encore qu'il tienne 24h, pendant des relais de 1h dans cette position 😬💪🏽

Alonso A. Arrieta


Negret Negretera grau de curva na saída dá reta😱😱😱😱😱

Nicolas Longin dit moi que je suis entre les 2 😀

Bruno Gomes ta plus qu'à faire pareil 😉

Omg, how low can you go!

Pedro Vargas Pardo... Esa es, ya sabes!!!

Fran Pérez a machete!

Comparatif entre Thomas Di Benedetto et moi ! T'es d'accord Robin Cubeddu ?

Beautiful Àbhinav Srivastava

Sascha Weingrill Jürgen Huber Rainer Michael 😨😉

Ger Hard Jaqueline Julia

Daniel Gahbauer Daniel Wiesinger

Rouven Rieke alter !

Vincent Berne Anthony Leblanc Maxime Rigollet

Micka Sassi

Jack Pong

Marc Marquez Mario Wenner Andreas Ruttig 😉

Abhilash Nambudiri

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Latest checking during the warm up session

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<3 YAMAHA <3

GO GO GO !!!!!!!!!! KOHTA

1 week ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

With YART and Le Mans fans ... See MoreSee Less

With YART and Le Mans fans

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Yamaha for the win just a pity they don't have 99 no more 😕

Yamaha very strong !!!!

Bonne chance, good luck and ride hard... to the win!!! Yamaha GOOOOOO!!!! Yamaha rev's our hearths


better without 99

Good luck from Germany (y)

No way 99 the best

2k17 yam🏁

go brock parkes and team

46 ARE the BESt


No break only racing today

Lo mejor, Yamaha

Goooooo YART

Plus une fois merci d'avance pour ce direct !!!!

On ya Broc



46 Rossi

Are u friends with GMT94? 🙂




Hey ignorants - it's 24h LeMans not MotoGP so stop with stupid numbers like 46, 99...they don't drive 24h...

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A new day start at the office with the second qualification session

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GO GO !!!! KOHTA!!