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First lessions today for Broc in Phillip Island ...improoving every lap

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Good luck Broc will be cheering you on enjoy the ride

Well done (y)

Gib Gas Broc, hol Dir die KTM und Suzukis!!💪💪

6 days ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

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Ooooh. . It is so beautiful can they give us some affordable changes for our R1's...

Marc Eusman lijkt wel op die dikke R1 van jou😁👌🏻

Carbonräder 😮

Geile Gabelbrücke

Yamaha porn

Woooow 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

No words


Jeroen 😉

Marco Reu ...

Cyril Carrillo

Jannie Oosthuizen Potchefstroom

Adam R-One

Olivier Prion

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YARTs Kohta Nozane impressed today in the wet Moto GP practice sessions !!

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Too wet for your lean angles! Maybe tomorrow! 🏍💨😜

YART EWC Racingschool ! 👍🏁

Incredible Kotha !!!! In front of Vale and Maverick !!!!
Yeah Kotha - Gas !!!

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Get on it my son love your norick helmet mate

2 weeks ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

YAMAHA YZF-R6 YART Replica - raceready ... See MoreSee Less

YAMAHA YZF-R6 YART Replica - raceready

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Arghyadeep Tor akta Amar akta book kore dis Amar ta black and golden version okkk

Could you tell me more details about this R6 specifications/preparation and price?, Thanks

..i Hope I have that beautiful yart someday..:-)

Preis? 🤔

Beauty Mike

anyone else love this post as much as i do

I want the carpet!!!


queridos reyes magos...

Japonesa dos meus sonhos.

Factory bike 👍👍👍

Of ne şık tasarım ,görünümlü



Ervin. 😉

Pascal Simon Preis?

Akram Tetesh

Marco F Fernandez Antonio Sánchez

Bán Róbert 😉

Courtney Fleming

Ric Maraya

Luca Molinaro

Cesar Liceaga

Max Urban

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Our YART R1 with her young kids.. R3 and R6  !! order them raceready

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One day i'll still have one

Cesar Liceaga

2 weeks ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

Raceready YZF-R3 ...very nice christmasgift for your kid !! ... See MoreSee Less

Raceready YZF-R3 ...very nice christmasgift for your kid !!

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spend all my Money on Motorcycles , nothing left for kids 🙂



Marina König 😉👍🏻

Lucas Palluel

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YART racetaxi here in Monteblanco... Nothing for people with bad nerves. #battlexr11

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Can I have a taxi to Monteblanco please 😀

Si necesitáis ayuda yo vivo cerca y estoy disponible. Tb e sido piloto del mundial de EWC


We are on the Monteblanco circuit for the new Bridgestone Battlax Racing R11 race tire !

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i wiss i will also be part of riders;:

4 weeks ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

Inside YART ... See MoreSee Less

Inside YART

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Where are this shop?

Yamaha one off the best bikes.

Amazing place....! Something to be proud of Mandy..👍

c'est magnifique ! i hope to see your shop one day

Stuff about Motorcycles are why everyone likes this page

Asılı tulumlardan birini bana gönderin hayriniza



Looks stunning. Very nice premises.

Donde es ?? Bro está de lujo

Motor idola 😎


Armend Ahmeti Po jen vakjaa ljelje bate




Kenny Steven Bücheli s paradis giz also doch😍

לורה אביטבול התאהבתי 😍😍😍

Fra Ho geil

Apurab Sharma Love Kumar bikers

Vincent Agus ❤️❤️👑👑

Alexander Mohr Mario Pichler

MIRA BRO Kerus Montesinos Pedroza

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You can own this 2017 YART  Bike ...its for sale ..serious requests to

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2017 with a silver engine? 🤔

Can you send me a full spec and price please

Miha lejga direkt zate. K si reku bi za R1 menjal. 🙂

Michael Blaupunkt mit der nächstes Jahr Pannonia Ring! Dann schaffen auch wir unter 2:20 😜

Interested in that myself. Hhmm.. food for thought

einfach ein mega geil aufgebautes und schönes bike.....hammer.👍👏💪

But if you buy a new one you could still compete 🤔

René Wolters kannst kaufen Dann hast auch gleich deinen Sitz drauf 👍🏼

Andrew Fowle get your wallet out, dust the cobwebs off it. Harry Fowle

Frederic you wanna buy??

Jon Greaves have u got room in the house for this???

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Johann Koppitsch Martin Leszkovich Christopher Szicherle Hans Pyyp Andreas Reinthaler JUNGS so das ihr weist was ihr mir fur Geburstag kauft and dem 24.2 februar haha 🤔😂😎🤣

Michiel Burger, zijn we gelijk klaar!

Peter Reinmayr du suchst doch a Moped 😂

i wan win this bike

New track bike? Chris

Jag Benitez, no andabas mirando una pa circuito??

Vassilios 😍😍😍😍😍😎😎😎😎☝☝☝☝

Shawn ... do it

Who else? <3custom motorcycles

Franz Würfl Des war a guad.....


Holger Krichbaum geschenkt ist günstiger

Cédric, Helio, allez c'est parti !!

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YART starts today their yearly sell out ! We have all YEC Kitparts , Brembo Material , fairings , Öhlins suspension and special racing material to sell , contact us via email to

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Felix Posch gönn ma uns? 😏

Raül Torras Marti No

1 month ago

Yamaha Austria Racing Team

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unfortunately te race was over just after the sunset...

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You all will be back stronger....!

Schade, harrte Euch so gerne im Ziel gesehen

Tut mir echt leid für Euch

Always another race.

Never give up! !!

Schade, that's Race

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Comment va t'il ?

Tough guy...

Loïc Van Vliet Frans Albregts

Manuel Darmochwal

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Bol dOr after 3hours

The start was given on the 81st edition of the Bol dOr. Broc Parkes took a good pace at the beginning of the race to leave the handlebar after to Marvin. He made an excellent relay to come back second. Unfortunately Khota had a heavy crash in his first few laps. Like a fighter, he was back to the stand with the bike, which suffered only a few damages. For now, it seems that Marvin and Broc will try to finish the 21 hours of races together! Actualy the bike is back on 23th position !

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Nach knapp 4 Stunden: ein neuerliches Problem wirft das Team wieder weit zurück. Das Pech haftet anscheinend auf ihren Fersen ;-(

Hold on, Keep, Going.

Thank you for the update

How does he do?? 😱 Go on and good luck 😉

Des nouvelles de Nozane?

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Rock n roll !!!! it is race day !!!! A long road start... Fingers crossed