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BN6-8591A-A1 ECU SET R6 2017-2018

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Software 2019 improved performance to 2018

By using this ECU with kit wire harness, it is possible to adjust the amount of fuel injection, ignition timing and etc.
This ECU has two diffrent mode and the mode can be swiched ; SB (Superbike) and ST (SuperStock).
CD-ROM, software manual and kit manual are included in this set.
R6 ECU has 2 different specifications.

Please check the local rules for your championship before placing the order.

BN6-8591A-70 ECUSET for SS(Following WSS rule) : TCS/LFT function cannot be used.

BN6-8591A-A1 ECUSET for STK : TCS/LFT function can be used.

For SS:Check the R6 PARTS COMBINATION TABLE for the combination.
No other combination is allowed to use.
For ST:All the specs related to the engine need to be STANDARD spec.

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